Full-Liquid Diet

This diet may be prescribed by your doctor for various gastrointestinal disorders, but usually not on a long term basis.

Below is a list of foods, in alphabetical order, considered appropriate for a full liquid diet.

All fruit juices and nectars

Broth, bouillon

Butter, cream, oil, margarine

Carbonated beverages

Cheese soup

Coffee, tea

Fresh or frozen plain yogurt

Fruit drinks

Fruit punch

Honey, jelly, syrup

Ice milk

Liquid meal replacements

Milk, all types


Pasteurized eggnog

Plain cornstarch pudding

Plain gelatin desserts

Potatoes pureed in soup

Refined/strained cooked cereal

Small amounts of strained meat in broth or gelatin

Smooth ice cream

Soft or baked custard

Strained lemonade or limeade

Strained or blenderized soup

Thin fruit purees

Tomato juice

Tomato puree for cream soup

Vegetable juice


If you have any questions regarding what you can or cannot eat, please speak to your doctor.
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