Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy

Indications for procedure:

Small bowel capsule endoscopy is most commonly performed to evaluate for gastrointestinal bleeding of the small intestine.

Description of procedure:

You will be asked to swallow a capsule (about the size of a large multivitamin pill) with a small amount of water. This capsule contains a camera which takes pictures as it travels through your digestive tract. The pictures are transmitted ultimately to a recorder which is worn around your waist for the duration of the procedure (approximately 8 hours). Once the pill is swallowed and the pictures begin to be recorded, you may leave and return to our office later in the day once the study is completed. The capsule will pass into the stool and does NOT need to be retrieved.

Preparation for procedure:

Clear liquids the day before and nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Other specific instructions for your capsule endoscopy will be provided to you at the time you schedule your procedure.

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